The Good, The Bad, and Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Bone Tomahawk is a horror western about a group of gunslingers who set out to rescue the town’s doctor from a tribe of cannibals.

The Good

Bone Tomahawk is the best horror western I have seen. It perfectly combines the old west with the horror of the unknown. The movie did a great job at making you care about its characters. The sheriff (Kurt Russell) performed his role well which is to be expected, but the stars of the show were Arthur (Patrick Wilson) and Chicory (Richard Jenkins). Chicory was the comic relief and did it wonderfully. He brought heart to the story, and Arthur was really convincing in making you feel his pain and his fear of what would happen to his wife.

The Bad

Bone Tomahawk was mostly a western movie. It spent the majority of the movie on the journey the gunslingers took to get to the tribe. At times, it lingered too much on the journey and the small talk between the characters. The horror only showed the last half hour of the movie. I would have liked to see more horror elements in the movie.

The Ugly

When the story finally brings our characters face to face with the tribe, Bone Tomahawk makes no attempt to dial back the violence. The death scenes are brutal and gruesome. This movie has one of the most disturbing scenes that I have seen in awhile and if you have seen the movie, then you know which one I’m talking about. The scene where Nick (Evan Jonigkeit) is cut in half makes you want to wash your eyes out with soap.

Final Grade

What do you think about the movie? Leave comments below.

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