7 Must Have Items For The Summer…

There are certain items that everyone needs for the summer. For those long days at the beach or those road trips that seem to last forever, you are bound to need certain things that you wouldn’t necessarily need for the other seasons. Below are the seven things you are going to need for the summer to help you be as prepared as possible.

#1: Sunglasses

Everyone needs a nice pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are a must have for sunny days, and they protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. Plus, they are super stylish. Even though I can’t wait until I’m able to afford expensive sunglasses, you can easily find affordable sunglasses at your favorite retail stores. My current pair of sunglasses are from Charming Charlie.

#2: Bathing Suit

Bathing suits are must haves for the summer. Regardless of your body type or your confidence level, there is a swimsuit that fits you. I for one am not ashamed to show a little skin so I’m a fan of two pieces but one pieces can be fun to rock too.

#3: Flip Flops/Sandals

Flip Flops and sandals were made for the hot weather and summertime is the perfect time to show off those manicured feet. Sandals are about the only shoes I wear because they can go with all your outfits whether it’s a formal event or an informal occasion. Sandals are life.

#4: Shorts

Wearing blue jeans all summer is a no go. Not only will that get boring quickly but it will also be hot. Shorts are made for hot weather and a nice pair of shorts can go with just about anything. I like to pair my shorts with a cool tee.

#5: Sundress

I love dresses. They make you easily stylish and they keep you cool in the summer weather. Sundresses are made for those summer days that are too hot to handle and you want an outfit that requires as less effort as possible. Pair your sundress with cute sunglasses and a cute pair of sandals for a summer vibe.

#6: Beach Bag

Some time in the summer you are bound to go to the beach and bringing a purse to the beach is not recommended. The best option is a beach bag. They are super handy because they allow you to carry your cool drinks and other things you are going to need for the beach. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the sand messing up your bag. Beach bags can take the heat.

#7: Water Bottle

You are going to need a water bottle and not just for the summer. Water bottles can be used year round. But for the summer, water bottles are especially going to be of use. Drinking lots of water in the summer is extremely important to keep you hydrated. Water bottles are great for trips and are also better for the environment.

Enjoy your summer!

Photo Image by Despo Potamou


7 Things To Do For The Summer…

Summer is finally here. That means shorts, tank tops, and cool drinks. School is out and unless you have a super exciting life then you might be in need of some ideas on how to keep your summer from being as boring as possible.

For me, summer means a break from college. I know some people choose to go to summer school, but that doesn’t work for me. My summer is my time off to relax and to think about something other than schoolwork. So instead I choose to work which is a much better decision for me. But besides working I like to do other things in the summer like take time to read a book or travel. Below are seven ideas that I’ve come up with to keep you having a fun and enjoyable summer.

#1: Read a Book

I love books, but during the school semesters I don’t get much time to read what I actually want to read. So during the summer when I don’t have to read boring textbooks, I get to read books that I like. Reading is very relaxing for me, and during the summer it’s best served with a cold drink.

#2: Take a Trip

Road trips were practically invented during the summer so why not enjoy yourself and go on a few trips. And traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. Unless you’re going to Los Angeles or New York then you don’t have to have a lot of money. There are plenty of places around you that you might not have even been to yet. Visit them. You might find a hidden wonder. Traveling is super fun and is even more enjoyable with another person.

#3: Make a Scrapbook

Taking pictures is a way of life and it’s super convenient to just store the pictures in your phone so that you can look at them anytime you want, but I for one like to have an actual photo in my hand. I discovered that it’s really easy to print pictures off your phone. All you need is your charging cord and your nearby Walgreens or CVS. There are even apps that let you print photos from your phone to be mailed to your house. Putting the photos in a scrapbook could be a great way to savor the memories that you’ve created. Just think about it this way: some day you’re going to need photos to share with your kids.

#4: Cook

I really enjoy cooking and baking. In fact, in another life I would have been a baker and owning a bakery is a tiny dream of mine. Summer is a perfect time to experiment with different recipes because you have a lot of time on your hand. You can easily find recipes online or buy a cheap cook book. Even if you aren’t the best cook in the world, cooking is something you can be proud of because it’s all you.

#5: Exercise More

Take advantage of the summer days and try exercising more. Hit up outside instead of the gym so that you can get fresh air at the same time. Summer exercise routines don’t have to be hard. Light jogging or a small exercise routine in the backyard can be fun.

#6: Start a Garden

Although I don’t have much of a green thumb, many people do and many people enjoy gardening. Gardening can be relaxing and the summer season is the perfect time to plant flowers and vegetables. But just make sure that you keep them hydrated. Georgia heat is no joke.

#7: Host a Party

Summers are great for BBQs and cookouts. The smell of grilled food and the sound of a freshly opened can of soda is what summer cookouts are all about. Invite some friends and family over to enjoy a nice day in the backyard. And it doesn’t take much to host a party. Just these three simple things: music, chairs, and food.

Have a great summer! Enjoy!

Photo Image by Sai Kiran Anagani