7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to College…

Summer vacation is over and that means school is back in session. As we pack for college to start a new semester, we get excited about this new chapter of our lives. And while high school was very challenging to figure out, college will be a new challenge and an entire different ball game. Although people have to learn things on their own, there are certain things that I wish that I knew before starting my very first semester of college.

#1: High School Rules Don’t Apply In College

This first piece of advice is perhaps the most important. I know that you might have been class president or Mr. Popular guy or maybe even the smartest person in your high school, but that was high school. When you get to college, you are going to learn that they are a lot more people in this world than you can ever imagine and it is no longer all about you. High school rules just don’t apply to college. People may have held you on a pedestal in your hometown, but no one is going to do that when you get to college. Everyone is on an equal playing field.

#2: The Freshman 15 is Real

Being able to eat whatever you want whenever you want is great and this is what leads to your clothes slowly getting tighter and tighter. Trust me when I say gaining weight is inevitable. I gained weight. Everyone around you will gain weight. It’s going to happen. We are getting older, but you can help take control of it by making a plan to go the gym at least twice a week. Use the gym. You’ve paid for it.

#3: You Will Lose Touch With People

I know you have been to school with these people for years and you all have created so many happy memories, but the simple fact is, everyone that you hung out with in high school is not going to be in your life forever and that’s okay. You are all starting your adult lives. There is nothing wrong with going in different directions and losing touch with these people. It’s life. Everyone has to grow up.

#4: Everyone Is Not Your Friend

The movies are definitely not telling the truth when it comes to social circles in college. It’s very unlikely that you are going to have a huge group of friends that you hang out with and if you do, it won’t be like that for long. In college, you’ll learn that not everyone has to be your friend. Find people who will stick by your side and move on. And trust me when I say it’s okay if you only make one good friend in college. One good friend is better than dozens of people drifting in and out of your life.

#5: Get To Know Your Professors

I know in high school we called it kissing up, but everyone does it in college. Or everyone should do it. Professors are the people who will have a huge influence in your education and possibly the direction that you go with your career. Talk to them. Go to their office hours. Get to know them because at the end of these four years you are going to need connections, references, and recommendations.

#6: It’s Hard Being Away From Home

More than likely, college will be your first time away from home and by that I mean taking care of yourself. You don’t have parents looking after your every move so it’s now up to you to make your own decisions as well as figuring things out on your own. It’s scary at first especially if you aren’t used to being on your own. Like me, I decided to move four hours away from home which was both the best decision of my life but also the scariest decision. It’s hard not having your parents to rely on, but that’s part of being an adult. If you find yourself having problems that you need your parents for, just pick up the phone.

#7: You Need To Figure Out What You Want To Do With Your Life

In the beginning of your college career, you’re going to have to take general education course requirements. This is both good and bad. In doing this, you get a well rounded education and you get to decide what type of classes you like, but you are going to have to take some classes that you don’t like. In my case, math and science. But the time that you have while you take these general classes is not time to not pay attention. During this time, you need to be deciding what it is you went to college for. You don’t have forever because before you know it your four years are going to be over and you want to be sure you choose a major that best fits you.

Although these are the things that I wish I would have known before going to college, if someone had told me these things before going away, I wouldn’t have believed them. That’s because you never really know until you experience it for yourself. My advice is that you make the most of your college experience. Make mistakes and take risks. Good luck and make it count!

Photo Image by Stephen Bergin




7 Things Girlfriends Need From Their Boyfriends…

I haven’t been in many relationships so I’m no pro, but I do know that in every relationship that I’ve had (even with potential baes) I’ve learned something new. I learn more about myself than I do about the other person. So I began to figure out what I wanted in a partner and what I didn’t want and I learned that it’s okay to have standards. Having standards becomes a problem only if you aren’t living up to your own potential.

When guys say that girls are difficult to understand (mostly because it’s true), they have to realize that it’s not that hard to please us. A guy doesn’t have to be super rich, but there are certain basic things that every girl needs from her partner. Below is my list of things that girlfriends need from their boyfriends. Take a look and maybe you might reconsider what you thought your girlfriend needed all along.

#1: She wants you to be respectful.

Girlfriends need their guys to be respectful and by respectful I mean nice. Yes, bad boys are extremely addictive, but good guys are the ones who win at life. Be a gentlemen. Open doors for her. Listen to her. Treat her like a princess. Being respectful comes down to not doing or saying anything to your girlfriend that you wouldn’t do or say to your mother. Also, remember that your girlfriend is someone’s daughter, wouldn’t you want your daughter to be treated like the queen that she is?

#2: She wants you to be loyal.

Girlfriends need to know whether their boyfriends are for them or not. That means that she should not have to work to gain your loyalty. As a part of your commitment to her your loyalty should come with that. And yes talk exclusively only to her. Not to other girls. No more hanging out with girls who have had feelings for you or have feelings for you at the moment. Prove to your girl that you have self-control by not letting your eyes wander.

#3: She wants you to be trustworthy.

Girlfriends need to know that they can trust their boyfriends. With anything and around anyone. She shouldn’t have to worry  if you’re still communicating with exes or even old flames. Your girlfriend needs to know that she can trust your word. Don’t drop plans and don’t back out on commitments. Stand by her and support her.

#4: She wants you to be secure.

Girlfriends want to know that you have a plan for the future. Even though she doesn’t need you to have everything figured out, she needs to know that you have goals in life and that you want to be someone instead of lying on the couch all day. She needs to see that you have the ability to financially support both of you if things develop into something more long term.

#5: She wants to know that you think she’s beautiful.

Every girl wants to know that she’s beautiful, valuable, and worthy. Some guys just don’t understand how important a simple “you look good today” can be. And I’m not just talking about beauty in the sense that you think she’s pretty to look at. I’m talking about her soul as well. Let her know how much you value her. How much you appreciate her. Compliment her. Encourage her. When you cherish your girlfriend, you make her feel special and you make her feel beautiful.

#6: She wants you to be honest.

Girlfriends want their boyfriends to be honest in their feelings, their expectations, and their boundaries. If a relationship is going to work, then both partners need to have clear communication with one another. Girlfriends need for you to be honest about everything no matter how difficult the issue may be. She wants to have honest conversations, and she needs you to be clear in your intentions.

#7: She wants you to be intimate with her.

And I’m not talking about the obvious intimacy. I’m talking about the heart. She wants to connect with you and know what you’re thinking. She wants to know your fears, your dreams, and your aspirations. Your girlfriend wants to feel close to you and not just in a physical way. I know it can be hard for guys to talk about their feelings and open up, but just know that it’s important to your girlfriend for you to have heart to heart moments.

In saying all of this, your girlfriend needs you to be real. She wants the real you that is at the core of your being, and there are certain things that she needs from you that can’t be bought with money. Remember when you’re giving your girlfriend all of these things do it out of love for her not because anyone is forcing you to.

Photo Image by Scott Webb