7 Things Girlfriends Need From Their Boyfriends…

I haven’t been in many relationships so I’m no pro, but I do know that in every relationship that I’ve had (even with potential baes) I’ve learned something new. I learn more about myself than I do about the other person. So I began to figure out what I wanted in a partner and what I didn’t want and I learned that it’s okay to have standards. Having standards becomes a problem only if you aren’t living up to your own potential.

When guys say that girls are difficult to understand (mostly because it’s true), they have to realize that it’s not that hard to please us. A guy doesn’t have to be super rich, but there are certain basic things that every girl needs from her partner. Below is my list of things that girlfriends need from their boyfriends. Take a look and maybe you might reconsider what you thought your girlfriend needed all along.

#1: She wants you to be respectful.

Girlfriends need their guys to be respectful and by respectful I mean nice. Yes, bad boys are extremely addictive, but good guys are the ones who win at life. Be a gentlemen. Open doors for her. Listen to her. Treat her like a princess. Being respectful comes down to not doing or saying anything to your girlfriend that you wouldn’t do or say to your mother. Also, remember that your girlfriend is someone’s daughter, wouldn’t you want your daughter to be treated like the queen that she is?

#2: She wants you to be loyal.

Girlfriends need to know whether their boyfriends are for them or not. That means that she should not have to work to gain your loyalty. As a part of your commitment to her your loyalty should come with that. And yes talk exclusively only to her. Not to other girls. No more hanging out with girls who have had feelings for you or have feelings for you at the moment. Prove to your girl that you have self-control by not letting your eyes wander.

#3: She wants you to be trustworthy.

Girlfriends need to know that they can trust their boyfriends. With anything and around anyone. She shouldn’t have to worry  if you’re still communicating with exes or even old flames. Your girlfriend needs to know that she can trust your word. Don’t drop plans and don’t back out on commitments. Stand by her and support her.

#4: She wants you to be secure.

Girlfriends want to know that you have a plan for the future. Even though she doesn’t need you to have everything figured out, she needs to know that you have goals in life and that you want to be someone instead of lying on the couch all day. She needs to see that you have the ability to financially support both of you if things develop into something more long term.

#5: She wants to know that you think she’s beautiful.

Every girl wants to know that she’s beautiful, valuable, and worthy. Some guys just don’t understand how important a simple “you look good today” can be. And I’m not just talking about beauty in the sense that you think she’s pretty to look at. I’m talking about her soul as well. Let her know how much you value her. How much you appreciate her. Compliment her. Encourage her. When you cherish your girlfriend, you make her feel special and you make her feel beautiful.

#6: She wants you to be honest.

Girlfriends want their boyfriends to be honest in their feelings, their expectations, and their boundaries. If a relationship is going to work, then both partners need to have clear communication with one another. Girlfriends need for you to be honest about everything no matter how difficult the issue may be. She wants to have honest conversations, and she needs you to be clear in your intentions.

#7: She wants you to be intimate with her.

And I’m not talking about the obvious intimacy. I’m talking about the heart. She wants to connect with you and know what you’re thinking. She wants to know your fears, your dreams, and your aspirations. Your girlfriend wants to feel close to you and not just in a physical way. I know it can be hard for guys to talk about their feelings and open up, but just know that it’s important to your girlfriend for you to have heart to heart moments.

In saying all of this, your girlfriend needs you to be real. She wants the real you that is at the core of your being, and there are certain things that she needs from you that can’t be bought with money. Remember when you’re giving your girlfriend all of these things do it out of love for her not because anyone is forcing you to.

Photo Image by Scott Webb

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