7 Things I Do To Stay Healthy…

Okay, so between balancing classes, a social life, and my sanity, it gets kind of hard to add in staying fit too. Like most college students, I gained weight during my freshman year, but then I realized that I could get in control of my weight without depriving myself of what I love best and that’s lots and lots of sugar. Below are the seven things that I do to stay healthy. Although these things haven’t led to significant weight loss, I have managed to get in control of my body in a way that I’ve never had before.

#1: Cleansing My Face Every Other Day

In middle and high school, I suffered from really bad acne. Now that I’m almost 20 and out of my teenage years, I’ve finally found a product that works for me. Right now, I’m using the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub, and it works like a gem. I’ve noticed that my skin looks clearer and feels cleaner. I use it every other day or every two days so that it doesn’t dry out my skin.

#2: Getting Enough Sleep

College is definitely not an atmosphere that endorses sleep, but I’ve come to realize that late nights aren’t really good. I aim for at least seven hours of good restful sleep. I feel better throughout the day, and I think I’m able to concentrate better in classes because I get enough sleep. I’ll admit that on some nights I’ve stayed up pretty late, but I couldn’t possibly imagine getting less than seven hours of sleep night after night.

#3: Taking Biotin Vitamins Everyday

So I probably shouldn’t worry about whether or not my hair is going to grow because it definitely does, but my problem is that it doesn’t grow fast enough. That’s why I take Biotin. Biotin is a vitamin that helps my hair grow faster as well as helping my nails grow too. Everyday I take two 1000 mcg tablets. So far, I can tell the difference in the growth of my hair and my nails.

#4: Working Out At Least Three Times A Week

In high school, I played tennis and volleyball to stay active, but I knew this wasn’t going to be the case in college so I had to find another way to stay active. That’s how I discovered Zumba. I was hesitant at first because Zumba is a group activity, and I didn’t want other people to see me exercise and sweat. But, once I got over my fear and tried it for the first time, I never stopped since. Zumba is a great way to exercise because you’re not thinking about exercising. Now two years later, I’m still dancing twice a week as well as incorporating a 2 mile session on the treadmill.

#5: Drinking Only Water Monday through Thursday

I didn’t realize how much sugary juices and sodas really affected my body until I changed my drinking habits. I limited drinking sodas and juices to only Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and I can really see the difference that drinking mostly water has done to me. My stomach has gone down, my skin is clearer, and drinking mostly water just makes me feel better.

#6: Eating Only Meats, Veggies, Fruits Monday through Thursday

I’ve come to realize that on a daily basis I eat a lot of food. Too much food. So, I decided to cut down on some of my eating by limiting what I ate. I try to stay within the Paleo diet which is basically eating what a caveman would eat. I do this Monday through Thursday, and on Friday through Sunday I get to eat what I want. That way I’m not depriving myself of foods that I love but aren’t necessarily healthy. Over time, this way of eating has helped me to maintain my weight without me starving myself.

#7: Relaxing Friday through Sunday

Okay, so good health isn’t all about eating the right foods and exercising. My mind and my emotional well-being are just as important when considering how healthy I am. I’ve learned that it’s necessary to treat yourself. I use the weekends to relax by either going out or just binging on Netflix. I remembered that my health is all about balance and that too much of anything is bad.

I’ve learned that being healthy isn’t that hard. Some people think that it’s about depriving yourself, but it’s not. It’s just about making smart decisions when it comes to how you treat your body. Being young, I feel like I’m invincible, but the sad truth is that I’m not. That’s why I treat my body right now because I know it will benefit me in the long run.

Photo Image by Patrick Hendry


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