7 Money Saving Tips for College Students…

If you have attended college or are in college at the time that you are reading this awesome blog, then you understand the struggle. With the cost of tuition and books always looming over your heads, no wonder you don’t have any money to do the things that you really want to do. Listed below are the seven tips that I’ve come up with that are going to help you save money as a college student or even if you’re just a regular schmegular person. Take a look and see which tips you want to incorporate in your daily life to start saving money.

#1: Don’t Buy New Textbooks

When shopping for books for the semester, it’s cheaper to buy used textbooks or even to rent textbooks for a lower price. If you and a friend are taking the same class, consider sharing the textbook so that you can split the cost.

#2: Limit Eating Out

I know it can be tempting to want to grab something quick to eat if you’re on the go and with a McDonald’s around every corner, it’s kind of hard to resist the temptation of a juicy cheeseburger. BUT, those costs can quickly add up. Consider making more home cooked meals or consider only eating out on the weekends and yes, Friday is a weekend.

#3: Cut Cable

Okay, so this one might be the hardest. Cutting cable? Ummm, no. But you can cut down your monthly bill by just going with basic cable. And yes, you NEED cable. Something has to take your mind off of all those exams and pop quizzes and group projects, right? And if you aren’t addicted to cable like I am, then a cheaper alternative could be to use streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu or getting these streaming sites along with your basic cable. They’re much more affordable, and they offer more programs than cable does. See? You’re saving money already.

#4: Consider Having Roommates

It’s much more cost efficient to live with one or even two other people. That way you can split the bills. Now the only thing you have to do is find people to live with. Your best friend? Your boyfriend? Your associate? Classmate? Co-worker? Probably, best friend. Just saying. Although, the boyfriend idea is tempting.

#5: Put Back Loose Change

Okay, so this technique is super easy. I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl, so I’ve mastered the art of putting my leftover change in a jar, or a container, or a bag. Basically anything that’ll hold heavy coins. The only hard part you have to do is watching to see how high it stacks up. Overall message: Keep your coins, yall.

#6: Shop Wisely

Usually when I shop, I never buy anything at full retail price. I wait until it goes on SALE. SALE is not your enemy. SALE is your best friend. Use it. It’s there, and you’ll be surprise at how many items you can get on SALE. Also, when you’re shopping for groceries, take advantage of coupons and discounts.

#7: Consider Buying Generic Brands

Haven’t you noticed that generic brands in food and medicine are a lot cheaper than their name brand counterparts? It’s simple. The generic alternative is where it’s at.

Let’s face it. It takes money to buy the things you want, and as a college student, I know first hand that college is expensive. That’s why I believe in saving money. If you take my advice, you’ll start to save money too.

Photo Image by Fabian Blank

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